Holly's in town

February 11, 2018

Saturdays, outside tourist and holiday seasons, are normally reserved for appointments at Finer Details, so on one of my usual Saturdays after my 2 o'clock meeting had finished up, I was pottering in our shop about to close up when Holly White whizzed in with her hubs. She was visiting Clonakilty for the weekend. 


Being honest, I hadn't a clue who this stunner was (I know, I know, and she with nearly 20k followers on Instagram!!!!) so we chatted briefly and she asked if she could take pictures for her blog. Holly shared some of her favourite vegan restaurants.....and I became her insta. follower #18.2k +1. Turns out Holly's Mom is the face behind Cathy White Bags, bespoke & very beautiful wedding bags.

Check out Holly's lifestyle blog for wonderful tips on vegan food, style and travel and here's what Holly had to say about our little shop and her recommendations for a weekend stay in Clon.

"One of the most charming shops I've ever seen Finer Details makes custom invitations and has all the chic party decorations you could ever want. I got some amazing birthday cake candles that are made of sparklers that I am so excited to use. The owner was there and her invitations and prints are stunning. Definitely one to check out."

Thanks Holly!

All image credits to Holly White. 

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